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Candid Photography

A candid photography is a beautiful process of making photographs of the subject in natural set up, sometimes without subject’s knowledge. Everyone is beautiful and most of the bride or groom we have worked with were not models. We are ninja trained in documentary photography and “candid” is natural to us. However, with time the meaning of the word “candid” got colored to the majority. Beside this, we discovered the areas that can be enhanced for even striking results. That is how our style got developed. Our style is simple, candid, elegant, artistic, genuine and most importantly timeless.

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Pre-Wedding Photography

Indian Pre Wedding Photography comes alive when the camera is in the hands of ace photographer. He offers a complete Indian wedding photography package. His way of seeing things and ability to capture moments is unmatched by anyone else. The vibrant and spontaneous clicks leaves no one. Starting from the laughter to the informal family banters, the tears, the auspicious vows, the hymns, the colors, the blessings and the merriment that follows all gets neatly captured in his camera lens. Not a single detail is missed as it is the small things that makes weddings special and worthy of called a memory.

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Wedding Photography

It can take a day or even a lifetime to find a soul mate. People start looking for that one special person, ever since the day they realize the other half of their soul is missing. The day two people get married is the day when these two people share their most precious moments with their friends and family, a moment valuable not only to them but to their generations to come. A day so special that sometimes photographs alone are not enough to express its significance. No photograph can capture the feelings on a face trembling with emotions.

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Cinematic Films

Just like wedding photography, Indian Wedding Movies have transformed from simple coverage into thematic documentary style wedding films. Our wedding movies are simple stories that tell the tale of your wedding, filmed in our inimitable fun and off-beat style. Using the very latest and best technology available, our wedding films are tailor made for your big day and perfectly complement your wedding photos. To see some of our latest work, visit our Indian Wedding Cinematography Showcase.

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Event Photography

This at the beginning that this particular genre of photography encircles a huge area. There are several other sub-genres that come under event photography – corporate photography, corporate portrait photography and photojournalism are few among those.Event Photography is among my personal favorites. It might sound unglamorous or boring, but the truth is the idea of event photography is beautifully vague, and therefore allencompassing.

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Fashion Photography

Fashion photographers are responsible for how clothing is presented in advertising campaigns, catalogues and fashion magazines. They work closely with designers and fashion houses to ensure they are portraying the desired image for the brand. They work in studios or carry out shoots on location. The fashion industry is highly competitive; most photographers work on a freelance basis and must build up their reputation and eventually have their own studio if photography is to be a sole source of income. Periods of little or no work are common.

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